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Monday, 19 June 2017

Toronto's Pride parade needs a shot of LA-style resistance

Toronto's Pride parade needs a shot of LA-style resistance
- Inspired by the mass demonstrations organized by women and immigrants in the wake of Donald Trump’s inauguration, this year’s Pride parade in the City of Angels was cancelled in favour of a ResistMarch.
The move was controversial in L.A.’s queer community. Should Pride Toronto follow that route?
Over the years, L.A. Pride had become even more corporate and party-based than Pride Toronto: like many other Pride events in Southern California, it’s mostly a weekend-long ticketed music festival with the parade on the side. This year’s music festival went ahead as planned on June 10 and 11 with one-time Trump supporter Aaron Carter performing as one of the headliners.
In years past, floats sponsored by Hollywood movie studios – and any TV show with a queer character and a hope for an Emmy – dominated L.A.’s parade. But given the state of U.S. politics, Pride-as-usual in 2017 seemed untenable.