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Sunday, 21 May 2017

With All Eyes On Trump, Texas May Soon Pass Horrific Anti-LGBTQ Laws

With All Eyes On Trump, Texas May Soon Pass Horrific Anti-LGBTQ Laws
- Anti-LGBTQ Republican legislators in Texas ― who have the full backing of GOP Governor Greg Abbott ― are also now using a stealth strategy, adding discriminatory amendments to must-pass legislation pertaining to agencies regulating nurses, lawyers and pharmacists rather than pushing broad-based “religious liberty” bills that garner a lot of attention. (Many of those kinds of bills ― an “avalanche” of them this year, which I wrote about back in March ― were successfully beaten back by Democrats or look like they’re in trouble, including a trans ”bathroom” bill.)
The results of this under-the-radar approach, by the end of this session on May 29 (though there’s always the chance of an extension with a special session), may be laws which will allow medical professionals to deny care to gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender people and emergency contraception for rape survivors, while allowing pharmacists to deny birth control to women and hormone therapy to trans people.