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Thursday, 25 May 2017

13 Reasons Why We Should Be Talking About Teen Suicide

13 Reasons Why We Should Be Talking About Teen Suicide
- The premise—in which the suicide has already been completed when the series begins—imparts a mistaken sense of inevitability to suicide, despite evidence that suicide is preventable, and its causes are treatable. Schools and professionals across the nation have warned parents against letting teenagers view the show alone, and have pointed out that, for some vulnerable viewers, seeing graphic depictions of suicide may increase the risk that they will act on suicidal thoughts.
Nevertheless, the series is the most talked about series of the year on Twitter, and we are faced with a critical opportunity to open up the discussion and deepen the understanding of teen suicide. The loss of a young person to suicide is a tragedy. As a parent, my heart aches at the painful truth that more than a dozen families in the US will lose a loved one under the age of 25 tomorrow.