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Monday, 17 April 2017

No one else is going to speak for us': LGBTQ media rise in age of Trump

No one else is going to speak for us': LGBTQ media rise in age of Trump
Everything was quiet in New York City the day after the 2016 election. The city was stunned into silence. Matthew Breen remembers people crying randomly on the street, comforted by friends and strangers. “We were totally blindsided,” Breen says. “People were trying to look kindly on one another. It was such a raw and fragile moment.”
Breen, now the editorial director of LOGO, was in his final weeks at The Advocate, where he worked for nearly six years as the editor in chief. Having publicly endorsed Hillary Clinton, Breen says that the LGBTQ publication was “totally blindsided,” and his last issue as EIC wasn’t the one he expected. The December cover of The Advocate depicted an American flag in which two of the stripes have fallen off. Meanwhile, a man and a woman stare out helplessly into the distance, struggling to figure out what’s next.