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Thursday, 23 March 2017

Is Donald Trump truly crazy?: Hepburn

Is Donald Trump truly crazy?: Hepburn
- As the long U.S. presidential election unfolded, I marvelled at Donald Trump’s bizarre and at times seemingly unhinged approach to campaigning.
Trump was unpredictable, vulgar, volatile, nasty, petty and thin-skinned. His supporters knew he was a liar, narcissist, a possible misogynist and racist, xenophobic and a raging egotist. They didn’t care. They voted for him anyway. 
It was a crazy ride, for sure.
Now, I’m convinced he’s just crazy.
Some disability advocates will likely criticize me for calling Trump crazy. They will rightly note that mental illness is a serious health issue that should not be taken lightly or trivialized.
But the evidence is growing that Trump is losing touch with reality, with his childlike actions and aberrant behaviour prompting more and more concerned mental health professionals to speak up.
So worried are these experts about Trump that they are ignoring the so-called Goldwater Rule established in 1973 by the American Psychiatric Association. The rule declares it unethical to diagnose a person without examining them personally. The policy was instituted after more than 1,000 psychiatrists told a magazine that 1964 Republican candidate Barry Goldwater was mentally unfit to be president.